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Thursday, January 03, 2008

More on dirt in the fuel lines...

I added a Ramco filter and an electric switching valve to my Jetta’s fuel system. When I removed the old manual switching valve, I noticed a very interesting thing. The inside of the brass fittings where the diesel and the vegetable oil came into the valve were dirty. That bacteria or corrosion or whatever it is stuff I’ve been having in my systems was there. But the fitting where the fuel came out of the valve was nice and shiny. It seems to me like the dirt got washed off because of more fuel flowing through it. Regardless of the reasons, both diesel and vegetable oil have the same problem of forming dirt. The more pipes and fittings there are after the filter, the more likely for dirt to get in the injector pump. I hope my centrifuge fixes this problem of getting dirt in the pipes. The reason I added the Ramco filter and the electric switching valve is so there is less pipe after the filter than I had before. Someday I'll have it all figured out.


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