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Saturday, December 01, 2007

More on the Centrifuge

Last Monday morning I finished the centrifuge. Then I cleaned oil all day. We cleaned almost 1000 gallons. I was very happy. Here are some pictures of the day.

The heater tank with the centrifuge to the left. In the foreground is the irrigation pump I use to pump oil into the heater tank and where ever.

The heater tank and centrifuge viewing from the other side. The hot oil runs out of the heater tank to the centrifuge to the storage tanks by gravity. I do not pump the hot oil.

Checking the tempature of the oil in the heater tank. If the oil has any water in it, I like to heat it to around 230 F. But 160 is hot enough for lowering the viscosity for the centrifuge, (I think).

The DC motor that drives the centrifuge. It will spin over 6000 RPM, but I only got it up to 3300 RPM yet. The centrifuge does a fine job at 1600 RPM. I still need to do more testing to see just how good a job it does.

The top of the centrifuge. See the oil falling into the centrifuge. Notice the 1 inch thick rubber bearing mount.

The motor controller. I can control the motor speed from 0 to over 6000 RPM.

The info tag for the centrifuge.

Oil coming out of centrifuge and into the storage tank.

The dirt in the centrifuge after almost 1000 gallons. This is a bottom view. There was only about 1/8 inch of very fine dirt at the top.

I was very pleased with the results. My labor was not in vain. It's so good when something goes right. Though I labored hard to make my centrifuge, I realize it was only by God's blessing that I was able to succeed.

My hope is that by spinning the dirt and water out of the oil, I can quit using any biocides.

This spring my brother's suburban and my dad's truck both had injector pumps that where showing signs of dying. I expect them to quite by early summer. This spring I cleaned my used vegetable oil with the cream seperator. Therefore this spring we started to run centrifuged oil. My brother's suburban is still running on that same injecter pump and my dad's truck lasted until this fall. Therefore I'm pretty confident that the centrifuge is the answer to running used vegetable oil in diesel engines. It makes sense because the centrifuge is getting dirt out that is so fine it goes through all the filters, even the 0.5 micron filters.

I also hope I can clean used engine crankcase oil with the centrifuge.


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