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Thursday, September 13, 2007

How My Summer Went.

I’ve been very busy this summer. I’ve been working at building my centrifuge every time I got a chance all summer long. I am getting close to finished. I think a few days of working at it would finish it. It seems like one thing or another delays me.

The end of May Luray got appendicitis and we treated it with prayer and with herbal remedies. He got fine but being he didn’t know he should keep treating it for 3 months he stopped treating it and went back to work. Then the middle of July he got it again. Not knowing for sure what the problem was, we took him to the hospital. He was in the hospital twice. The doctor thought his appendix had burst so they made a big incision, but it wasn’t burst after all. Now he is not allowed to lift more than 5 lbs till the end of September. I’m really glad he is still here.

Mid August I got a hypodermic needle stuck in my knee while I was picking tomatoes. I never saw a needle in the garden before. I found a needle in a haystack! I think it came from some manure/hayage we bought from a dairy farm. I went to the doctor because I was afraid of tetanus. Afterwards I realized that going to the doctor was useless being I kept the wound clean. I only needed to go if it would have gotten infected, which it didn’t. I’m suspicious that the doctors get a lot of business because people are fearful and ignorant on how to treat themselves. My theory is that God made our bodies with an immune system to fight off any bad stuff that is out to get us. If we are strong, the bad stuff has a hard time getting us. If we are weak, it will get us one way or another. Of course, we should avoid stress as best as we can. I think this applies to both the spiritual world and the physical. I think fear causes us more trouble than the bad thing we’re afraid of. God, and being able to trust in Him, is the greatest strong hold.

About two weeks ago I thought to myself that I need to take a break. I wanted to get my centrifuge finished (besides the regular work) and then go to PA to get it balanced and take a break. But I didn’t make it that far, for I overworked my back and Friday a week and ½ ago it got stiff and tired and I ended up laying on the ground not able to get up. God saw fit for me to take a break sooner than I planned. Now I have time to write.

The beginning of August Charlie Thonus moved from southern N.Y. into Luray’s house at the greenhouses. He is helping with the produce. I think if he wouldn’t have come, by now we’d have hit the dirt. I’m really glad he came. Besides, now I have another friend.

Luray in the hospital.

Charlie beside Luray’s house.


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