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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Centrifuge Works!

Last Saterday I finally got the centrifuge to work. I cleaned around 650 gallons of oil. I didn't test the oil to see how clean it got by running the oil through the centrifuge twice, but looking at the dirt in the centrifuge when I took it apart, I was very pleased. I'm pleased to know that success can happen, and to know that God is the one to get the glory. I still have some bugs to work out of it.

I ended up balancing the centrifuge rotor at a balance shop. I tried to balance it myself first, but I realized that a spinning object can be very contrary. It did things that didn't make any sense to me. It would run smooth for like 10 seconds then vibrate for 3 seconds then smooth again. I realized that God made some amazing things, things too amazing for me. When it works, use it and give God the glory. It is good to understand and search out how God made things to work, but I'm really glad God made a way that I can function without understanding everything first.

More later...


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