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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stirling Heat Engine

My brother Nathaniel built a little stirling heat engine. It cycles about 2 times per second with a heat lamp on it. It's amazing how fast air can heat up and cool off. It's supposed to run with sunlight but he never got it to run like that. He hopes to build a bigger one that can actaully do some work.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fryer Oil Problems Update

In the Winter 2007 issue of The Boys’ Bugle I have a story of my fryer oil problems that I had last summer and fall. I want to tell you about the good news. Since we started to use the Kill’em anti-bacteria fuel conditioner, we haven’t plugged any fuel filters. All the filters that we did need to change were almost plugged before we started to use the Kill’em. I about can’t believe it. I had expected that it would take a while for all the dirt to clean out of the tanks and that we’d be plugging filters for a while yet. The Kill’em really makes a big difference. It’s not like the big change is just coincidence for a friend of mine that was having the same problems as I was having, had the same results as I did. Also the fellow that told us about using anti-bacteria fuel conditioner had similar problems and results.
What I don’t understand is why didn’t someone tell me about the problem a long time ago? Wouldn’t the vegetable oil users been having problems with bacteria for a long time already? I thought a simple thing like that would be a topic all over the vegetable oil users circles. Well, I guess I can help spread the news.

Burn Dry Fire Wood

In past years my dad would fill his woodshed in the fall. We’d fill it with wood we cut the winter before; therefore the wood was pretty dry. We always had to clean the creosote out of the chimney a few times a year. Then one year he filled the woodshed in the spring, therefore the wood had all summer to dry (out of the rain). That winter, we didn’t have to clean the chimney even once. It made a very big difference to burn dry wood.
Not only does burning dry wood mean you don’t have the fuss of cleaning the chimney, but it is much safer because the chance of a chimney fire is much less.
There are more reasons to burn dry wood. It is certainly a lot easier to get dry wood to burn. They claim you get a lot more heat out of dry wood than you do out of wet wood because the dry wood burns much cleaner and you don’t lose as much energy in smoke. And you aren’t turning water into steam and losing it out the stack. That also means that burning dry wood is much better for the environment.
The only reasons I ever heard of for burning wet wood is you can hold a fire longer with wet wood. And obviously, if all you have is wet (green fresh) wood to burn, you’re better off burning wet wood than none at all.