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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fryer Oil Problems Update

In the Winter 2007 issue of The Boys’ Bugle I have a story of my fryer oil problems that I had last summer and fall. I want to tell you about the good news. Since we started to use the Kill’em anti-bacteria fuel conditioner, we haven’t plugged any fuel filters. All the filters that we did need to change were almost plugged before we started to use the Kill’em. I about can’t believe it. I had expected that it would take a while for all the dirt to clean out of the tanks and that we’d be plugging filters for a while yet. The Kill’em really makes a big difference. It’s not like the big change is just coincidence for a friend of mine that was having the same problems as I was having, had the same results as I did. Also the fellow that told us about using anti-bacteria fuel conditioner had similar problems and results.
What I don’t understand is why didn’t someone tell me about the problem a long time ago? Wouldn’t the vegetable oil users been having problems with bacteria for a long time already? I thought a simple thing like that would be a topic all over the vegetable oil users circles. Well, I guess I can help spread the news.


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