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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall 2013 Vermont Compost Organic Potting Soil Sale

Three great ways to buy:
  1. 5 gal pails (packed and level) emptied into feed bags at Vermont Compost. It works very nicely all the way through from Vermont Compost to the customer. We have the price advantage of buying bulk, the convenience of manageable size bags, and pre-measured for accuracy.  You have the dis-advantage of needing to supply feed bags and there is a possible contamination risk from the feed bags.
  2. 2 yd sling bags.
  3. Full dump-trailer loads. The dump trailer can haul 11-13 yards bulk. Depending on what else I’m hauling, I can load bagged products on the trailer, making it so you could get less than a full trailer load at the full trailer load price.

Fort V – All Purpose Compost Based Potting Mix: Fort V is what I sell most of. My customers have excellent results with this potting soil. Excellent for trays, pots, and containers. Usually no additional fertility required until the roots fill the soil mix. Blended from: sphagnum peat, composted manure and plant materials, crushed granite, vermiculite, herbs, organic and mineral amendments.
Screened Composted Manure: The basis for all Vermont Compost’s mixes. Professionally composted. Free of live weed seed. Never any sewer sludge. Blended from: cow, hen, horse, mule and donkey manure, bark, clean leaves, straw, hay, food and crop residuals, spoiled forage, and mature compost.
 Compost Plus (Container and Transplant Booster mix): This organic supplement can be added to rejuvenate tired soil mix in containers or garden beds. Works wonders on last year’s soil in your plant containers. Add 4-8 tablespoons of “Booster” per quart of planting medium or 1-2 cups per 4 quarts of planting medium. Also excellent for top dress or side dress. Ideal for “topping up” house plants. Blended from: sphagnum peat, composted manure and plant materials, crushed granite, animal and/or protein meal, black rock phosphate, gypsum, vermiculite, kelp, langbenite rock. 
Screened Composted Manure, Perennial Blend, Compost Plus, and Fort Light also available in the same ways as Fort V. Call if interested.

Fort V:
1 yd (bulk) in your feed bags = $266
(32) 5 gal pails (packed and level) = 1 yd = $8.31/pail
(16) 5 gal pails (packed and level) = ½ yd = $8.56/pail
(1-15) 5 gal pails (packed and level) = $11.50/pail
2 yd sling bag = $586
11-13 yd dump trailer load = $225/yd. Free delivery may apply.

Compost Plus: ½ yd = (16) 5 gal pails (packed and level) = $10.00/pail
Screened Composted Manure: 2 yd sling bag = $361 / 5 gal pails (packed and level) = $5.00/pail

Please try to have your order in by Nov 15, 2013, or sooner. This pricing may be good until the beginning of December.
Order must be picked up by Jan 2014 or different pricing may apply.
3% off on pre-paid orders
Feed Bags NeededLarger sizes preferred.
Vermont Compost – The Best Potting Soil!
Martin’s Farm Supply
860 CO RTE 47, Potsdam, N.Y. 13676


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